Suggestion: search tool on first page

(Christina Hendricks) #1

As the main page with the list of projects gets bigger, I think it would be useful to have a search tool somewhere on that page. The list seems to be in random order, though maybe there’s an order I just can’t quite see! And it’s getting longer and harder to scan just manually. Of course, one can do a control-F search, but having a search tool right on the page could be helpful at some point!

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(Zoe Wake Hyde) #2

@clhendricksbc Absolutely! Right now it’s ordered by creation date (which does seem a bit random), but that will soon change to most recently updated. We also have filter by subject coming soon as the first cut of a set of tools for that listing - search and sort will follow.

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(Christina Hendricks) #3

That’s great–thanks for the update!