Team Meet & Greet: General Education English

Aha! We like to create a space that is welcoming to all voices, and the platform helps us do that by posting gentle reminders to let others join in on the conversation. Don’t take that personally — there are some conversations that you may be more a part of than others, and that’s okay! Sometimes though, it can be a good nudge for you to also pause, take a break, and let someone else chime in before you do.

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FYI–Open Textbook webinar tomorrow–it was in my calendar, and I just got the link from Apurva:


That is the message I received :slight_smile:

Liza Long

Thanks for confirming, Liza. As I said to Amy, messages like those are sometimes a good reminder to pause and let another person respond, but of course, aren’t always relevant at certain stages of the project. I’ll look into whether the settings can be adjusted slightly, though, since many of you seem to be receiving the message.

Hello Amy,
I am contacting you because I have an update on my tutorial that seemed of interest to you: my institution, Idaho State, uses Moodle, which requires me to request a Moodle Community site and to create an account. Then, when anyone enters the site, they are required to create an account. After a user has created their account, I can add them to the site.
This is obviously not the type of educational resource we are analyzing, so I think this will be the end of my side-project. Now, I will review all the information covered by our cohort and try to keep up with developments.
What Liza has created through the Google Docs template supplied by Jonathan look interesting. I will start there; maybe I will see you.
Thanks for your interest!

Thank you for the update, Sylvia. Yes for now, it looks like we are pursuing a combined 101/102 text based on the 6 Gen Ed outcomes for written communication. Look forward to your input!! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

I’m unable to join you tomorrow, and Jonathan has very kindly agreed to host our meeting after the Rebus training–he’ll have the link for everyone. I hope to see some of you Saturday.

All best,

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