Team Meet & Greet: GLOBALMUSIX: Contemporary Music Throughout the World

Welcome to GLOBALMUSIX: Contemporary Music Throughout the World !

Take a moment to tell us about yourself, why you’re interested in this project, and get to know your fellow team members. We look forward to working with you on this exciting project.

Hi, I’m Fran Cincotta, adjunct librarian at Carroll Community College in Westminster, MD where I am the library liaison for Music, Theatre, Entertainment Technology, and Film. In addition to my MLS in Library Science, I hold a BA in Music - Vocal Performance. I am excited to be involved in the Globalmusix OER project where I will be providing support by locating resources such as sound files of music from around the world.


I am Robin Armstrong - a musicologist who has taught various World Music courses for over twenty years. This idea for this project sparked ten years ago and was recently fanned into flame when a commercial textbook i have been using for over a decade began using password protected streaming music technology to eliminate low-cost textbook options (rental and used books) for students. I plan on using open streaming music and video to create a free option.

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Hello! I am Karen Rege (and yes, my last name is pronounced like “reggae”). I am also a musicologist who designed and taught a world music course for a community college in Pennsylvania for a number of years before becoming involved with eLearning and instructional design at Harford Community College in Maryland. Like my colleague (and grad school classmate) Robin, I became frustrated with the high-priced commercial textbooks for world music that focus primarily on traditional music. To me, course content should be free and open, as well as relevant. That means that we need to focus on music that students are most likely to encounter and provide them with the musical and cultural background to interpret it.

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